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Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc. is a private non-profit agency located in Coos Bay, Oregon. Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc. has been providing residential treatment and community-based services for adolescents who need the skilled, optimistic guidance, training and opportunity of a community-based treatment program since 1971.

Bob Belloni Ranch, Inc. is licensed by the State of Oregon and a proud member of the Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs. We operate four programs for girls and boys: Belloni Boys Ranch, Wineva Johnson Center for Girls, Bob Belloni Shelter and Evaluation Center, and Independent Living. All residential programs provide behavioral rehabilitation services geared to the specific needs of the youth referred to that program with the focus on education, counseling, and skill building. As a community based program, Independent Living prepares foster youth for adulthood.

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Phone: 541-269-0321

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